Possible Ft. Hood Attack Thwarted

by Josh on July 28, 2011 0 Comments

Nasser Jason Abdo

Thanks to websites like TheBlaze.com I come across stories that are almost otherwise unheard in the rest of the media. One such story was from today that involved one Pfc. Nasser Jason Abdo who was picked up by Kileen, Texas P.D. a suburb of nearby Ft. Hood Army base on allegations of a possible plot to attack Ft. Hood. At the time of the arrest he was allegedly found with explosives and jihadist materials. As it turns out Abdo has been AWOL since July 4th, the eve of what was supposed to be his deployment to Afghanistan. Some believe that his Facebook page was used to set the stage as a "conscientious objector" (due to his Muslim faith) defense for non-deployment [as seen here]




Nasser Abdo was tipped off to local police by a local gun-shop owner, a former police officer, who became suspicious when Abdo starting asking ...

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Cut, Cap, and Balance please....

by Josh on July 22, 2011 0 Comments

So say we all, or at least 66% of us that is. Just days after President Obama stormed out of the debt ceiling talks telling Congressman Eric Cantor that he had had enough and "don't call my bluff, I'm taking it to the American people" and sure enough at his subsequent press conference told us that 80% of Americans were "sold" on tax increases, CNN lays out it's newest poll. CNN's poll showed that at least 66% of Americans would prefer and/or support the cut, cap, and balance legislation.



So President Obama, you said you would veto CCB if it crossed your desk but legislation that 65% of Americans do not want you are more then willing to sign into law. Mr. President, I do believe you would be out of touch with the people of America. So what say you, do you support it?

Do YOU have an economics Degree?

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MSNBC is no stranger to embarrassing moments, nor is Contessa Brewer who's unscripted time on camera has turned painfully embarrassing to watch, and yesterdays interview with Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks was no different. In their rather heated debate about the economical factors that led into the start of the Obama administration Contessa Brewer was getting flustered with her inability to convince [force] Congressman Brooks to change his position. She then broke the first rule of journalism, never ask a question you don't already have the answer to. Well I'll let Mrs Brewer do her own talking




Oops! Did he just say that he does have an economics degree and with highest honors at that. Seriously MSNBC you may either want to hire some new opinion piece commentators, hire new researchers, and/or move your act over to Comedy Central because it is these kind of continued gaffes ...

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"Wet Blanket"

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Self described Democrat and resort mogul Steve Wynn yesterday held a conference call with members of his company in which he says what I believe a lot of other CEO's have been wanting to say for a long time now. Over the last two years the Obama administration has engaged in economic tactics that have repeatedly attacked CEO's and other corporations and even small businesses, threatening to "redistribute" profits from companies that show a profit in spite of the Obama administrations failed economic policies. Well Steve Wynn it would seem had had enough and decided it was time to speak up.


So who's going to be the next CEO to speak up? Democrat or republican doesn't really matter here, what matters is reestablishing that free-market and competitive capitalist system that made this great nation great.

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